Cyberlab only detects and removes issues from your computer that are unwanted. We do not remove wanted cookies that keep you logged into your favorite forum. We do not remove wanted files, Word docs, pictures or anything else you want on your computer. We will not log you out of websites after you clean your computer with Cyberlab.

Junk Files

Running your computer, visiting web pages, downloading the new version of a software, having Windows on, and any programs running create files on your computer that we refer to as "junk files." 

What are Locked Files?

Locked files are files currently being used by another program on your computer. If these files are forcibly removed they can make your computer or other programs unstable.

Sometimes files can become locked or unlocked during a Cyberlab scan. Your antivirus program or any other program can lock files at any time. 

Due to locked files no program will remove 100% of all junk files on your computer every time. After your Cyberlab Scan is complete you'll see we display locked files, these are the files that cannot be removed because they are in use by another program. 

Most other programs only display the files they can remove, or they display all the files and then if you do a new scan they show the same files again because they were locked and cannot be removed. 

Our approach is to detect and display all junk files and transparently display locked files after the scan so you know exactly what is happening on your computer.

Registry Keys and Registry Issues

Registry keys in Cyberlabs's Scan feature act in the same way as locked files and sometimes cannot be removed. This is not a bug or error in Cyberlab, this is simply the way your Windows operating system works. 

Our approach to registry keys in our registry cleaner is the same as our approach to junk files, we show all the registry keys that can be removed, without hiding any of them, or faking results by hiding them in a followup scan if not removed in the first scan. 

It is common for a registry cleaner to find registry issues on a second scan because registry keys are deleted on the first scan which referenced other registry keys so they are now found. Most registry cleaners, including Cyberlab, often find more issues when doing a second scan. This is normal and not a bug. If another program runs a registry cleaner scan, you remove the results and run a followup scan and it always finds nothing that could mean they coded it to ignore all registry issues for a set amount of time after a scan is run to avoid customer complaints.

Once in a while our straight forward and honest approach loses us sales and people ask for refunds as they think there is something wrong. So we understand why other companies add code to ignore items in their scan results to avoid this problem. 

All registry cleaners will detect registry issues on a clean install of Windows. On a fresh install of Windows there are references to files that don't exist and registry keys with no useful information.  

Tracking Cookies

Cyberlab Ultimate only finds and detect tracking cookies you do not want on your computer. Some other programs detect every cookie on your computer and remove it. When this happens the cookie saving your login to your favorite forum is lost so you have to login again. Or your banks website requires additional security questions to login because you removed their cookie that verifies your computer.

Cyberlab does not inflate our findings only to make our product appear like it finds more but then makes your computing experience more difficult.

Cyberlab does not remove wanted cookies from your computer.

Different Programs Have Different Results

Likely every program you run will show something slightly different because of how its designed, what it scans, how it reports the findings to you, how it handles locked files and registry issues. 

Just because another program finds more items on your computer does not make it better. The best approach is to remove the maximum number of junk files that are not locked while ensuring nothing you want is removed, no passwords are lost and no programs crash or become unstable in the process. 

Cyberlab only finds and detects junk files and items you do not want on your computer. We do not inflate our findings, or show you scary and dishonest rating systems. We don't detect files you want to leave on your computer. We will not remove your saved passwords or other items you want to keep. 

Please contact us on live chat if you have further questions about how locked files work or anything else! We are here daily to help you!

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