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Defragment your computer's registry so it runs like new!
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Problems Caused by Fragmentation

Fragmentation of your hard drive and registry decreases your computer's overall performance. Making it slower to startup, use more memory for processing registry functions and moving fragments to unexpected locations making it longer to access data.

Microsoft saw this problem as so important it began including a hard drive defragment that runs automatically starting in Windows 7 and continued through Windows 8 and 10. Unfortunately they did not provide the registry with a defragment function and that's where Cyberlab's Registry Tuneup solves it!

When a fragment happens it takes longer to access that information as it is no longer where your computer expects the data to be.

How Defragmentation Solves Computer Issues

Cyberlab's Registry Tuneup optimizes your computer's registry by removing fragments, compacting the registry to its correct format plus fixing gaps and wasted space.

As you continually use your computer, the registry becomes larger as new programs are installed, run and uninstalled. Uninstalled programs leave leftover files and registry entries on your computer. Deleting these registry entries (by using Cyberlab's registry cleaner) helps but can leave blank data in place.

Defragmenting your registry places the fragments back in their like new state optimizing the speed of your computer's registry.

Cyberlab's Registry Tuneup will defragment and compact your computer's registry normally in about a minute or less. It thoroughly scans your registry removing any extra space, places fragments in their correct place, reduces the registry size and the RAM needed to run your registry improving your computers performance.

It cannot harm your files or registry. It will not delete or remove anything you want on your computer or move anything. Its completely safe to run as often as you want to!

What is the Computer's Registry?

Your computer's registry is like the brain of your computer. It processes tons of information quickly. 

Your computer's registry is a hierarchical database of low level settings for Microsoft Windows.

The registry contains the information, settings, options and other values for programs and hardware installed on your computer.

When you install a new program a new subkey containing the programs settings like its location, version and how to start are all saved to your registry.

Are Regular and SSD Drives Compatible with Registry Tuneup?

Yes! Both regular hard drives and your SSD hard drive can be safely defragmented using ZookaWare's Registry Tuneup.

How Registry Tuneup Works

Registry Tuneup is a simple 3 step process that automatically finds your registry fragments and fixes them!

Your computer's registry does not create a large number of fragments, but fixing the few that your registry has can help improve your computer! We recommend running Registry Tuneup once a month, of course running it more often will not harm your computer in any way, but its unlikely to find registry fragments more often than once a month. 

To manually run Registry Tuneup simply open Cyberlab > Tuneup > Registry Tuneup and you'll see the screen below. Click the Tuneup button to start Registry Tuneup.

Next Registry Tuneup will scan your computer's registry for fragments.....

In the 3rd and final screen Registry Tuneup automatically fixes your registry fragments and shows you how many fragments were fixed.

In the final screen of Registry Tuneup you'll see the five sections of your computer's registry listed with the fragment results.

Do you have any questions about Registry Tuneup and how it improves your computer's registry? Let us know in the chat widget to the right! We are available daily to answer all your questions!


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