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Using ZookaWare to optimize Internet Explorer
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Using ZookaWare's Optimize function to remove unwanted or unecessary programs, extensions and browser helper objects in Internet Explorer can speed it up!

While we don't recommend using Internet Explorer due to its age (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera), we do offer Optimize for Internet Explorer.

If you are unsure about what you are removing we recommend using the Disable button to disable the entry and you can later restore it or delete it at any time.

Internet Explorer

Both Internet Explorer Extensions and Browser Helper Objects are displayed in this feature.

This section only displays items that are safe to remove, nothing critical will be removed or cause your computer harm.

Top Bar Features

The top bar of optimize is clickable on each category to display results alphabetically sorted by that section.

Rating > displays one of three icons
a. question mark > this means the programs safety is unknown to ZookaWare.
b. green lock > this means the program is known safe and not malware. This means its safe to run but you may still not need it on your computer
c. red X > this is known malware. You want to remove this from your computer.

Status > Displays if the program is enabled or disabled 

Name > name of the program, this comes from the programs publisher.

Publisher > company that created the program

Version > version number of the program directly from the publishers info

Type >  shows what type of startup program. Registry would mean its a registry entry that creates the startup program.

The additional info box shows detailed information about the program selected in the top graph. You can maximize ZookaWare to full screen to make easier to view.

Optimize's Internet Explorer section has three buttons.

  1. Restore > this button restores any entries that were disabled

  2. Disable > disables the selected item, but does not remove it. Any item can be restored by using the Restore button.

  3. Remove > permanently removes the selected item 

Do you have any questions about ZookaWare's Optimize feature or feedback? Let us know in the chat widget to the right, we're here daily to answer all your questions!

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