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Have a Cyberlab Bug?
Have a Cyberlab Bug?
Help to solve or report a bug to us
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Cyberlab has silent anonymous bug reporting that anonymously sends bug reports to us and we fix them!

If you're experiencing a bug please see the following and be assured we are here to solve any issue for you.

Update Cyberlab

First make sure you are running the latest Cyberlab version:

  1. Open Cyberlab

  2. In the left menu click "Options"

  3. Click "Update"

  4. In this screen check that you have the latest version of Cyberlab. If you're running an older version download the latest version from this screen.

If your problem continues with the latest version of Cyberlab please continue on...

3 Simple Steps to Solve Most Issues

If your bug is happening in the latest Cyberlab release please follow these directions.

  1. Uninstall Cyberlab (uninstall directions here)

  2. Restart your computer

How to Report a Cyberlab Bug

If you're experiencing a bug not resolved by reinstalling Cyberlab follow these directions to send us a detailed bug report to investigate and fix for you.

  1. Open OS (C:)

  2. Select Program Files (x86)

  3. Click on the folder for: Cyberlab

  4. Double click: cyberlabbugreport.exe

  5. In the program that opens describe your issue using as much detail as possible and click the button at the bottom to send us your bug report.

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